What We Do

Nonprofits and social entrepreneurs are often challenged by a lack of time and technical skills to effectively leverage research and evaluation to improve their services and assess their impact. At the same time, there are advanced students and early career professionals who have the time and research skills, but lack the experience and guidance to effectively leverage those skills in an applied setting. Building a bridge to match these complimentary needs is where Capacity Catalyst comes in!  

We are seeking nonprofits and other types of social sector partners to pilot a hosted externship model specifically for research and evaluation. We identify and connect talented, early career researchers to nonprofit organizations for part-time, 2 to 3-month hosted externships. Externs provide key internal resources and technical expertise to their nonprofit hosts, and receive ongoing peer-based and professional support by the Capacity Catalyst team, preparing them for a career of impact.

About Us

Based in Texas, we are a small, but passionate band of professional researchers on a mission to empower communities through more accessible and adaptable research and evaluation. In 2017, we started coming together to discuss and brainstorm ways to connect more evaluation resources to nonprofits and social enterprises locally. Eventually, we settled on developing and piloting a hosted fellowship model. 

Our Team

We'd love to hear from you! 

If you are interested in learning more about this program or want to be a host, mentor, or extern please contact us!